the voice of your guitar

The dilemma that all good guitarist and luthier runs through his head when choosing a string for his instrument always takes an extra difficulty, especially when you really want to get the 100 x 100 instrument.

Time has taught me that there is no ideal string game for all instruments and of course all guitarists, because with experience and time we are becoming more and more sensitive to this topic. This issue is complex because the more experience the guitarist has and the instrument is more sensitive, the more nuances we can get out of it and it is very common to dedicate time and effort to this topic and be the result of many controversies.

In this case I would like to thank and without any other interest than this, for the advice and wise intuition at the time of offering answers that in my case I have received, highlight the rope company http: //www.royalclassics .com / I think it's fair, because of the constant work he does on this topic. As a result of this work, he has put at our disposal a string catalog that becomes almost infinite and with a very clear idea, to give an answer to that restlessness that never lets us rest in peace.