Collaboration with the Science Park of Granada

In 2019 the Science Park of Granada has requested my collaboration through the Association of Guitarists of Granada to be part of the new Exhibition (Play & Music). This exhibition is divided into several parts, a sample of ancient instruments, an experimental area related to sound waves, theoretical-practical workshops on sound and a workshop for the construction of Spanish handmade guitars. The work that I am developing in this exhibition consists of a luthier workshop where I work in the construction of guitars facing the public and where you can see how a guitar is built in its different phases within an environment of a workshop of the beginning of the century XX in a traditional way. Among the activities that we are performing, we also highlight conferences and round tables where we invite prestigious professionals from the guitar construction sector. Another activity to highlight is the study and reproduction of old guitars with historical connotations within the framework of the city of Granada that we are carrying out with my partner Aaron Fernandez. Pieces that have enjoyed relevance throughout the history of the evolution of the Spanish guitar. Finally, note that all these activities are designed to spread our craft and make known to the general public the importance of the Granadine School, which is so prestigious internationally, so nurtured by great builders and so long in time. A highly recommended exhibition for lovers of science, music, sound and guitar.