Guitar special models


Special guitar models: Classical guitar or flamenco built by order, where the customer has the possibility of choosing the materials in the warehouse and make up the guitar conforming to his liking and demands. Handcrafted taracea rosette and varnished in shellac using French polish smooth technique. Scale length 645 mm, 650 mm, 655 mm, 660 mm.
This section is dedicated to the models that, one way or another, are out, for some reason, of stablished standards in the sections dedicated to the other models. There are a huge amount of variations that we can employ by order to the mentioned models in the catalogue, not only aesthetically, but also morphologically, although, beforehand, we always are based on the same basis as for the measures in general. Therefore it is obvious 
that the instrument will gather all the features and personality of my creations as a luthier.
Measure: Aproximate and illustrative sizes. Body depth at end block 112mm, body depth at heel 93mm, widths from central shaft of the body: 138’5mm, width at lower, 182mm width at upper and 119mm at waist, linear measures of the body: 460mm. Aproximate measures subject to a very little modifications. Fingerboard width at neck: 52mm.
In this section, and illustratively, I will explain some examples which will be displayed with pictures and images in the gallery if I have considered opportune include them, for beautiful or exceptional standards. 
Using of exotic woods or woods of exceptional use. Trimmings in the front lobe cutaway type, half moon trimming or boreholes in the rings for soundholes. Auto enlargements. Scale lengths are not usual in classical guitars or flamenco guitars. Special decorations and out of the típical variations I use to do to each model in order to do it unique.