Classic guitar


Classic handmade guitar:
Luthier’s classic guitar compound of European spruce soundboard, indian rosewood body and bridge, ebony finguerboard and cedar neck. Handcrafted taracea rosette and varnished in shellac using French polish smooth technique. Scale length 650 mm. Strings scale length 650 mm. Classic guitar completely handmade following the Granadian construction school. Measure: Aproximate and illustrative sizes. Body depth at end block 112 mm, body depth at heel 93 mm, widths from central shaft of the body: 138’5 mm, width at lower, 182 mm width at upper and 119 mm at waist, linear measures of the body: 460 mm. Aproximate measures subject to a very little modifications. Fingerboard width at neck: 52 mm. Woods: First class Indian rosewood for bodies and bridges. Ebony for fingerboards and heads. The best European spruce for soundboards. The best cedrela for the neck, the heel and the reinforcement of the end block. European spruce for the harmonic bracing system, reinforcement of holes and bars. Sycamore and maple for borders.
The construction of the rosette is exclusive of my guitars and I make it following a medieval technique deeply rooted in Granada with a long tradition which is followed by just a few local studios that carry on with this labourious activity, taracea. Varieties and combinations of colours and shapes are provided. Varnish is handcrafted following the French polish smooth technique in shellac. This technique is worldwide recognized and it is apllied in all types of high quaity musical instruments constructions, in order to achieve the best sound quaity as possible, allowing that all subsystems of the instrument vibrate in a optimal way.
Mechanical and sound characteristics:
Granadian school of guitar constructions introduce to its instruments very significative and impressive properties which have a very high worldwide recognition. This guitar is characterized of its light weight and restrained dimensions inside Spanish classic guitar standards, between 1.5 and 1.6 kg of weigth, its touch is soft without going to the extreme and it leaves a really good sensation of comfort to the guitarist. Its sound is very well balanced with not only a good sound adjust but also a fantastic support and strength, which provide us with a sweet and velvety sound, clear, sensitive to touch high notes and solid and powerful low notes. It has a very nice notes support and although its morphology  and  purpose is not power and strength, it is true that its external projection is highly noticeably. It is a guitar thought to be very pleasant to the performer and it is thought to leave good sensations as you play it.