Flamenco's International Day

May 14 was celebrated in the town of Quéntar the International Flamenco Day in the auditorium of the City of Quéntar.
The event was composed of three activities related to flamenco, two exhibitions in the central nave of the City Hall, one dedicated to the female flamenco dresses by the designer Antonio Gutiérrez where you could see several dresses from different collections of the artist and an exhibition of flamenco guitars where I presented the flamenco guitar Second prize of the "Antonio Marín Montero International Contest" accompanied by several flamenco guitars, from the Guitar Workshop "Óscar Muñoz" and several special models of custom made by my clients who had the kindness of accompany me in this celebration. As a culmination to the event we attended a didactic talk accompanied by the performance by the singer Sergio Cuesta, the guitarist Vicente Márquez "tente" and the dancer Silvia Lozano. The conference is called CONTANDO EL FLAMENCO and it was very interesting in its format, it was about telling the history of flamenco, its sticks and most outstanding performers interspersing examples of cantes and very timely explanations of the singer and lecturer himself. A very interesting format to learn a little more about flamenco in a very simple and entertaining way.