Bozhana Pavlova and Óscar Muñoz guitar

Video belonging to the mini concerts within the III Festival of the Guitar of Ronda made in the room dedicated to the luthier exhibition where I had the honor of giving one of my guitars to the magnificent concertista Bozhana Pavlova. In this case, it is done with a guitar composed of a Cedar top and a body of holy wood from India, shot 650 mm and finished in shellac applied manually. The model is in our catalog as lattice guitar or lattice. This guitar model is characterized by its great projection and clarity of sound accompanied by a good timbre full of harmonics. With respect to its pulsation does not renounce a good comfort and this type of guitars are not hard to play. the guitar is not of many dimensions and of little weight to the style Granadino. The decoration of bridge, butt and mouth or rosette are made in traditional Taracea. The recording was made with a live Ipad